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Accent Reduction/Pronunciation/Rhythm of American English

If you have to speak with Americans by phone, teleconference, or in face-to-face meetings, you may find that reducing your accent will result in advancing your career.  After obtaining individual speech samples and giving you individualized assessments, we will work on the problem areas that have been identified and help you to be more easily understood.  The goal is never to get rid of your accent, but rather to identify the things that cause confusion.  Americans actually like accents.  What they don’t like is miscommunication.

Every language has its rhythm, its song.  Learning about American rhythm will make it easier for Americans to understand you, and will also make it easier for you to understand them.  You will learn which syllables to stress, which words to stress, intonation, linking, pausing, fast or reduced speech and more.  Listening and speaking practice using these conventions will greatly improve your ability to understand and be understood.

4 Tuesdays: Oct. 10 , 17, 24, 31

6:30 – 8:00 pm

3355 Lenox Road NE (free parking)
6th Floor, Room #11

Class Size:
Limited to 8 participants
(Level High Intermediate / Advanced)


Call to check for availability—Limited to 8 participants

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